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Bourn Beautiful Naturals Review

If you haven't heard about Bourn Beautiful Naturals they are a black woman owned business based in the UK.  Aside from the fact their products have become my skins new best friends, I was already won over because it is a black-british brand and its a woman behind it all! ( girl power!!)
Over the last month I have tried out 4 of their skincare products, each product is hand crafted and free from those evil ingredients we're told to flee from ( sulfates, parabens, TEA, DEA and petroleum). Whilst I have never had particularly bad skin, I usually suffer from texturisation especially in my t-zone, light spotting on my forehead and cheeks, and my skin can be particurlarly dry on my forehead whilst oily on my nose. My daily skin care regimen usually consists of a face wash/scrub, toner and a moisturiser, I also try to use a face mask at least once a week.

I tried out their So sensitive Face wash, Lavender RefreshMint Toner, So sensitive rose moisturiser and Goats Milk and bentonite clay mask. My initially observation when I tried each out is how gentle they are. Hand on heart I would feel comfortable using them on my new born child because they are just that mild on the skin. Below is a close picture of my skin just before I started using the products. I have some small spots but I have put that down to hormonal changes and as you can see there is slight texture on my nose.

So sensitive face wash -£8.00
I routinely start with the so sensitive face wash, an extremly mild and gentle cleanser, that doesnt foam and smells like baby products. I like to lightly exfoliate my skin daily and so I used this face wash with my face brush and this really prevented my skin from forming a rough and hard texture particularly around my nose.

I followed up with the Lavender RefreshMint Toner -£6.50
Whenever I use toner I can automatically see the benefits it has to my skin. this product however, is INSANE. I am extremely impressed with it. It is better than shop bought toner I have used. Its completely refreshing and soothing for my skin, I am also obsessed with the fact I can just spray it onto my face as opposed to pouring the toner on a cotton pad. I also used this on my flight to Morocco, my skin felt extremely dry and looked awful so before I got off the flight I sprayed my skin before moisturising it.

So sensitive rose moisturiser -£8.00
this product has a very light weight formula and contains rose water which combats irritation and inflammation.  it also contains SPF-20 which was an added bonus because I usually use coconut oil or Shea butter to moisturise my face, both of which don't contain SPF. I found the product to sometimes be slightly sticky but it definitely did its job. I am also used to much thicker moisturiser and this product is quite thin.

Goat's Milk and Bentonite clay mask - £5
I love this stuff! It is a great exfoliant and just helps to draw out any impurities. The girls at bourn beautiful naturals also recommended I add some coffee to the mask and this gave me the best glow and felt a lot brighter and fuller. I always use this before a night out or anytime before I am about to wear a lot of make up.

I hope you found this useful and that you are motivated to try these products out. Use my discount code: LIGHTMIND15 for money off!

until next time
Chengetai Victoria

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