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The wait.

We are currently in a season where everyone is graduating, people are getting exam results and awaiting responses from universities, sometimes it can feel like good things are happening to others whilst your life is at a standstill. Thats not to say you don't want to see others succeed but you would rather be receiving congratulatory messages than sending them. I was motivated to write this post after realising I'm not the only one in this situation. It can be ridiculously frustrating to feel that you have been faithful and yet nothing in your life is progressing or moving as you want it to. I have had to adapt my way of thinking and it has helped me deal with this current situation

Even if you aren't religious here are some steps that can help anyone during this time.

1. Be grateful always. every morning when I wake up I've started listing all the good things in my life right now. From my own health to being grateful that I was able to pay my car insurance. My life is definitely not where I want it to be but by changing my perspective I'm able to see that its not so bad either. Its made me content in my current situation and thats not to say I've become complacent. Im more positive, and feel more confident and secure in myself because of this which has made me happier! Constantly speaking negative words about your situation or about yourself will on fuel your anger, frustration and resentment. It doesn't produce and fruits

2. Don't unplug from the source. With nothing going your way it can be so easy to stray from God. To try fix the situation yourself and turn your back on God. Continue to pray, read his word and do the last thing he told you to do. He knows the situation you're in and maybe its not time yet for what you've been praying for but He knows the plans he has for you (Jeremiah 29 V 11) and he determines your footsteps (Proverbs 16 V 9). For those who aren't Christians, everything happens for a reason and its no mistake that you are where you are right now. Keep the faith and hope alive (as cringe as that sounds!).
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3. Take advantage of this season. that means if you're currently unemployed, whilst you apply for jobs, also use this time to enjoy some of the hobbies you may not have time to enjoy when you're working or develop a skill. For those who have been praying for an increase in finances, sometimes it may not come in the way of an increase in your salary but maybe you have a skill you can use to start making money from which you can turn into a business.
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Disclaimer: I am in no way a preacher, I just wanted to share with you how I've dealt with the current situation I'm in because I know I'm not alone. Don't compare your journey to anyone else.
 Read the bible, listen to sermons and pray.

Until next time,

Chengetai Victoria

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